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Basic understanding of Suspension system

This the basic we you should know to before start making model of quarter car model, half car model or a full car model.

Basic understanding of Suspension system

Before simulating any car model we will see why these car model is utilized to simulate the suspension system of a car.

The general car model is a spring mass damper system comprises of unsprung mass and sprung mass interconnected with the help of spring and damper. Unsprung mass mainly represents the wheel axles, wishbone arms, wheel hub, knuckle, brake caliper, tire, rim, disc plate etc.
It means that the components that are suspended(swinging, hanging) from the frame are mentioned as usprung mass. Each mass of the individual unsprung components are represented as a whole and it is named as unsprung mass. The same is thing is for the sprung mass but the sprung mass represents the components which are mounted on the frame or we can say the the load of that components is going to transfer to the suspension of the vehicle.
The spring and dampers represent the suspension spring(Compression spring) and the pneumatic damper respectively. In the depth they represent the stiffness and the damping provided or provided by the system.

Here to stimulate the car model we are using MATLAB simulink.
Simulink is one of the best way to solve car model as it will give us basic idea about the car model.

Mathematical Modelling of a Basic Car Model

Simulink Model

Please find the Simulink model for your reference.

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Basic understanding of Suspension system

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