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Samay feat. Corona | समय कोरोना का

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Samay raag gaatha ki gaata hai
Samay doosaron ka hi khoobasoorat najar aata hai
Ye dvesh saare bhoolata hai
Jab samay prem dhvani sunaata hai

Jab sankat aate is dunya pe
To prachand roop bhi dikhalaata hai
Samay har raag sunaata hai

Jeev jaan se prem nahin
Bas khudase lobh nibhaata hai
Manushy kaal is duniya pe
Abhishaap hi kyon najar aata hai

Hai karm hamaare hi ye
Samay ko doshi kyon thaharata hai
Jab aag lagae is duniya mein
To chita se kyon ghabaraata hai

Mittee tadapaaya hai hamane
Har sarita mein gandh machaaya hai
Kroor to hona hee tha
Ab vakt pachhataane ka aaya he
Jab samay ugr roop dikhaaya hai

Hai samay ki chaadar ye pagalai
Sabase pyaar jataatee hai
Prem karate hai sabase
Sabase lobh nibhaatee hai
Ye sneh ki ganga hai pyaare
Sabakee pyaas bujhatee hai
Sheetal laharen hai isakee
Bahatee chalee jaatee hai
Bahatee chalee jaatee hai
Bahatee chalee jaatee hai

Samay feat. Corona | समय कोरोना का | समय हर राग सुनाता है |


समय राग गाथा की गाता है |
समय दूसरों का ही खूबसूरत नजर आता है |
ये द्वेष सारे भूलता है |
जब समय प्रेम ध्वनि सुनाता है |

जब संकट आते इस दुन्या पे |
तो प्रचंड रूप भी दिखलाता है |
समय हर राग सुनाता है |

जीव जान से प्रेम नहीं |
बस खुदसे लोभ निभाता है |
मनुष्य काल इस दुनिया पे |
अभिशाप ही क्यों नजर आता है |

है कर्म हमारे ही ये |
समय को दोषी क्यों ठहरता है |
जब आग लगाए इस दुनिया में |
तो चिता से क्यों घबराता है |

मिट्टी तड़पाया है हमने |
हर सरिता में गंध मचाया है|
क्रूर तो होना ही था |
अब वक्त पछताने का आया हे |
जब समय उग्र रूप दिखाया है |

है समय की चादर ये पगलै |
सबसे प्यार जताती है |
प्रेम करते है सबसे |
सबसे लोभ निभाती है |
ये स्नेह की गंगा है प्यारे |
सबकी प्यास बुझती है |
शीतल लहरें है इसकी |
बहती चली जाती है |
बहती चली जाती है |
बहती चली जाती है |

Time sings the melody of tales
Only others’ time appears beautiful
If forgets all enmity
When time sings the melody of love

When calamities befall this world
It shows it’s vehement face
Time sings every melody

Does not love the lives of beings
But only its own greed
The era of man on this earth
Appear as a calamity?

These are our own faults
Why blame the times for this
When you set fire to the world
Then why fear the deathbed

We have tormented the earth
Defiled every lake
Cruelty was must
Now it’s time for repentance
Now that time has shown it’s fierce face

Tis the quilt of time
It professes love to everybody
It loves everyone
And spreads avarice to everyone
It is the river of affection
Quenches everybody’s thirst
It’s waves are gentle
They keep flowing away far
They keep flowing away far
They keep flowing away far

Samay feat. Corona | समय कोरोना का | समय हर राग सुनाता है |

Live life happily! Just not at the cost of someone else’s Life. The time we are living in and everything going around us makes us wonder: is this all natural, or just the repercussions of our own doing? This poem is just my small take on that which might spread motivation and awareness to people. Hopefully few might question themselves and their way of living. Let’s just suppose few might have helped others to make our world a better place. So please share and like once Mahatma Gandhi said

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated

Mahatma Gandhi

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